Loving Guidance


On life


To get it right

Every day 

Is a chance to grow 

Will take the initiative 

To fully live?

Sometimes it’s hard

But I haven’t given up

Sounds like a Hallmark card

But I go each step


In my world

Going insane

I will stay bold

The Bible 

Is full of wisdom

Will I take it in?

And confess every sin?

I am making progress

I see it in His eyes

Life starts to make sense

When I feel His loving guidance 

God is Friend, Mentor and Father

Father, You are my friend 

When I am lonely

When little exchanges 

Happen between people

I can go to the steeple

And can talk to You for hours

Father, You are my mentor

When I am uncertain

When different paths

Come between us

With signs covered in dust 

Your light shows me the way

Father, You are my Father

When I am afraid

When darkness comes in

And makes me stumble & shake 

You exile the snake

And remind me of our love

You are friend, mentor and Father

Yes, You are all these things 

You are with me now 

And forever more

Blessed are spirits that are poor

They shall see God

You have walked in shoes

When my identity is misplaced

When sin crepes back in

When I worry my life away

You tell me it’s going to be ok

I love Your heart towards me

So sincere and pure

How can I ever repay You?

How can I touch Your very heart?

Thanks for generous love you impart 

Photo credit:

Painting by Greg Olsen called “Lost and Found.”

The Mystic

Each day is something new to discover

Like walking a freshly paved road

With flowers on the border

Grateful yesterday for the peace I sowed

I want to reach inside

For some truth

Is life an absolute?

Or my day walking?

Not sure how to feel

I go both and forth

But I keep walking on

Between suspicion and worth

You have two things in hand

A cross and an epitaph

I guess that’s all our path

A life of struggle going up a graph

Please don’t give up on me

Just seeing things as realistic

I haven’t given up on you

In this heart, there’s still a genuine mystic 

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Broken Universe


Father, I need your glory

I am in a broken universe

Amidst an evil force

It wants us to feel unloved 

May we walk with people

In their despair 

Instead of giving them crutches

For their headache 

And saying I love you bunches


We are scared of others brokenness 

Because it reminds us of ours

Do you have compassion for the one under bars?

Truth sets us free like owning our ache

You’re the final piece to someone’s heart break

(C) Carly Wiggins 2020 

Heaven is Still Unwritten


Heaven… still unwritten 

Beauty beyond description 

Angels… singing praises

Catching the Father’s gaze


Forever, forever, forever

I truly cannot wait

Now I surrender, surrender


Dreams… coming alive

No reason to strive 

Crystal sea.. take a drink

It’s closer than you think


Forever, forever, forever

I truly cannot wait

Now I surrender, surrender


Sin… no more

A hope you are looking for 

Seeing Jesus… face to face

Removing all earthly disgrace


Forever, forever, forever

I truly cannot wait

Now I surrender, surrender


Endless life…with no end 

Eons of a timeless Friend

Friendships… Never ceases

As eternal love increases


(C) Carly Wiggins 2020