I am looking a photo you sent me for Christmas

With your smile and behind you a wreath

I am thinking of you

Do you scroll through your photos

And do the same thing?

And sometimes I think of memories

Of you and us hanging out

I am thinking of you

Do you reflect on our memories together?

And smile at the thought of our connection?

I expect you to have your freedom without me

But it hurts when you are not around

Are you hurt when I am not around?

Or are you so busy that I don’t cross your mind?

The Ocean of Possibilities

Steady as she may

This ship is about to sail

In the ocean of possibilities

Only doubt will cause you to fail

The depth of the dark waves

Begin to perplex and intrigue me

How many sailors died?

As these tides sent them to early graves? 

How many wars were fought?

On a siege on the sea?

How many items were stolen?

By pirates that never got caught?

The sea is a beautiful mystery 

Enchanting our senses

The smells and sights 

Take down our defenses 

Despair Not

Despair, despair, despair 

Release every care

What might not work now

Might seem like a steep climb

But there’s a view on top 

Fret, fret, fret 

Let go of every regret

What you didn’t have

Might have been 

An opaque trophy

Loneliness, loneliness, loneliness 

Release every time you felt neglect

What might seem like isolation 

Is actually a sure sign of

Character development and growth 

We all go from spring to winter

Wounded hearts with a splinter

It’s all about how we recover

Make it to the finish line

With whole souls and a new focus




Like ribbons of sound waves

That echo in your mind

Vibrations of noise resonate with me


Sight is a beautiful display of colors and shapes

Do you see the color red as I do?

I’ll never know if you see the tone as I do


I am aware of many textures around me

From the lumpy dirt to the soft sand

Or the sun on my skin or the cool snow


I smell the goodness around me

Roses and warm apple pie

They excite the receptors


I can taste the ice cream cones

As I get to the tasty chocolate end of the cone

These senses are unique and serve a purpose

(C) Carly Wiggins 2020


Highways of Your Heart


Feeling sorrow

About tomorrow

So many questions 

About others intentions 


Like a dusty mirror in a car

Is your self-image ajar?

Traveling to the nearest state

In hopes of a blank slate 


You can cruise the highways

Or pass oceans and bays

Through sunny weather

But will this make you better?


Travel the highway of your heart 

Each chamber is a good place to start 

At first, the path may be slow

But you’ll know where to go

(C) Carly Wiggins 2020